Monday, 17 September 2012

Old Family Portrait

I was looking through some family photos. You know what that's like. It starts off being that you are looking for a particular picture and then you get completely consumed in the memories that each photograph holds. You realise after a while that what was supposed to be a quick task results in hours passed. 

Well as I said, I was enjoying looking through photos and I came across an old photo of my husband's grandmother. She was a beautiful lady. I thought I would have a go at trying to paint her portrait. It was quite a challenge to work from such a small photo but once I put some music on I became thoroughly absorbed in my painting. I usually end up with nearly as much paint on my clothes as on the canvas. I have trousers that I wear specifically to paint in they look like a Jackson Pollock creation. I painted this portrait using acrylics on canvas. I hope that I have captured her essence and that you like it.

Lina x


  1. Hi Lina I am for ever hopeful that we shall be able to put paint to paper soon.This has a lovely warm feel to it even though there is no colour.Anna.x

  2. Wow that is beautiful, i love the way you have done the light . Anne :)