Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dress Shoes

I am guilty for neglecting my blog and I can't offer an excuse other than I have been making the most of the amazing weather that we have had this summer.  However in the last couple of weeks the nights have been drawing in and as the children have started a new school year the summer is well and truly over.

Last November my post of my baby shoes proved to be very popular so I thought that I would show you these girlie shoes that I designed and made at the same time.

Lina x


  1. Are they big enough for Cinderella or just to fit on a card ?? or perhaps
    our next canvas.
    Anna x

    1. Hi Anna, it's so lovely to hear from you. Unfortunately it would be like the ugly sisters trying to get their tootsies into these shoes, they are only sized to fit a card. However we could always resize them to fit onto a canvas. Lina x

  2. So cute and gorgeous colour :)