Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Psychedelic 60's

I have got some amazing news! The great British Sixties Society Photographer Philip Townsend and good friend of my husband has kindly given me permission to use any of his images in my artwork. Wow!

I created this psychedelic background with shaving foam. If you haven't tried this technique you must give it a go.

I used a plastic food container and I lined it with plastic wrap (cling film). The reason that I did this is that it is easier to remove the foam from the tray and throw it away leaving it clean and ready to be used again.

I sprayed some inexpensive shaving foam into the tray. You need around 1" depth. I then selected two ink colours. You can use Dylusions or Ranger Colourwash sprays.  I sprayed a few squirts of ink onto the foam and then used a wooden skewer to draw some patterns. Then I laid a piece of cardstock onto the foam and pressed lightly making sure that that there was complete contact.  I removed the cardstock and scraped off the foam with a plastic ruler (you can use thick card), wiped off any excess with kitchen paper. It's that simple but so effective.

When dry I transferred the image onto the card. I chose this image from one of Philip's fashion shoots from 1964. Please visit his website for a trip back in time.

Lina x


  1. Wow - lucky you! Being a child of the sixties, I love all images from that era. Love this artwork too.

  2. Shaving foam and inks is great fun and you can get so many backgrounds out of one inking .Can't wait to see this
    picture in the flesh. Anna.x

  3. Rather belated comment! This is a great piece Lina you have such great ideas :)