Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Baby Shoes

I know that I should be concentrating on Christmas but I have designed and made these little shoes. Even if I do say so myself I'm really pleased with the way that they have turned out. They are sooo cute!

A little box for that first lock of hair

Many of you have asked if I sell my art works and if so where. I do sell my work, I take commissions and I am also thinking of opening a shop on Etsy. So if anyone is interested in buying any of my art or in placing an order for these cute shoes, please email me or message me on my facebook page.


  1. These are lovely. Really cute and a great gift for a new arrival :)

  2. Hi Lina.This definitely is a case of less is more and they are so stylish and lovely.Anna.x

  3. Love your blog! How cute are the blue baby shoes!! You should see how many pairs I have brought my little boy, I think I may be addicted.