Sunday, 3 February 2013

Valentine Hearts

Yesterday I had a really fun day at the Craft Barn. I was part of the 'Inspiration Demo Day' and I worked alongside two very lovely and talented ladies, Helen Chilton and Jane Collman. I want to thank everyone who came and sat with me and watched me play and create these Valentine Hearts.

It was great to catch up and see so many of you.

Lina x



  1. They're gorgeous Lina and I'm sorry I missed out on the day, it would have been lovely to see you. Chris x

  2. Hi Chris, I bought the Craft Stamper magazine yesterday and it was so lovely to see your amazing artwork on the front cover. Congratulations on joining their design team. Lina x

  3. Hi Lina - good to sit with you yesterday, and learn how to do the hearts! I love them.

  4. I missed the demo day as well, glad you had a good time. Are you doing any classes?

    1. I will be part of the demo team at the Craft Barn on 2nd March. Hope you can make it.xx